About Me

My name is Erik Ritzman - aka: "TheShutterSquirrel" of ERitzFoto.

I'm currently based in the Northern Virginia/DC/Southern Maryland area. My travels have taken me to nearly every state in the United States and several other countries. I'm obsessed with photography and the opportunity it provides to add light and joy into the lives it touches.  

“Photography is the art of capturing light and shadow and freezing it as a memory in time that never fades away!” 

I first began my photography adventure in the Fall of 2013 and have since had the amazing opportunity to not only create and capture the dreams, passions, and memories of my clients, but I have had the opportunity to share and learn from some of the best photographers of the modern age. I am a ClickCon Chicago Photo-Conference Ambassador since 2019.

I encourage you to reach out and let's discuss your dreams, your passions and your ideas and see if we can "freeze time and memories" together.


Inspirational Credits and Gear:

Nikon D850
Tamron G2 series Lenses
Sigma Fine Art Lenses

Godox Lighting
Westcott Modifiers
Magmod Modifiers

Using Format