On Location

LS Studios is happy to come to you, at your location. Our mobile studio approach means that we can preserve your memories in whatever environment you're in.
Our ability to travel to your preferred location enables us to uniquely capture your memorable moments in an environment that captures the "You" in your preserved memories.
Waterfall? - We've DONE it.
Amusement Park? - We've DONE it.
,City Streets? - We've DONE it and Love the opportunity to surprise you.
Venues/Cons/Expos? - We love these and, We've DONE it. Erik (ERitzFoto) is also an Ambassador and mentor for ClickCon Photo, Video, Model Conference and is often found helping others learn lighting tricks, how to use their new gear and excitedly demonstrating some of the "KEWLEST" tricks for creative capture straight out of the camera with no editing.

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