Over the years... (random images)

Over the years I have been fortunate to capture many moments and memories and 'freeze them in time'. Whether it be while meeting strangers on the street, teaching/collaborating with fellow artists at ClickCon and other venues, walking through my favorite parks or around my local area, or sometimes having the privilege to be invited by other extraordinary artists as they teach and/or share their moments behind or in front of the camera.
Most of the images below are straight from my Camera (phone, via NikonBridge app) with ZERO EDITING (Note: if there is Camera/Shot Info on the side of the frame, it is likely unedited, aside from cropping). Some are a few that I have saved from my Social Media and contain watermarking, and/or no shot information. ALL shots have been taken by me and I am forever thankful for these opportunities, these moments, these people and place, and I hope to continue to add to my collection of memories and moments "frozen in time".

Thank you to ALL.